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A little bit about me...

Veronica Porras's comedy career started in October 2006, a year after getting into recovery for being affected by the addictions and problem drinking of friends and family. She knew she had a problem because when other people drank and used, SHE was the one that got crazy, obsessive, controlling. At the same time, she expected these people in her life to take care of ALL her emotional & spiritual, needs.

The Relationship was the Higher Power and it lead her into some not so nice places. However, her continuous practice of going to 12 step meetings, sponsoring others, and 12 step service has helped to get a life of her own and stay out of other people's drinking/using.

Veronica’s comedy is an exaggerated extension of her recovery persona. She has lead various workshops to help others in recovery on finding the funny through the inventory process. She hopes that her comedy can show friends and family that there is comedy from being affected by the disease of another's addiction/alcoholism. Even though the nature of the disease of addiction/alcoholism is devastating, cunning, baffling and powerful, there is freedom and hope.

She is the Host of Por*Ass Podcast and has appeared on the Addicts Comedy Tour with Kurtis Matthews and Mark Lundholm and has opened for Dave Chappelle.

Por*Ass Podcast

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