As we wind down and joy a well-deserved break, I want to take the time to reflect on new Ed-Tech tools that have been a lifesaver for me. I hope that you will find this as a lifesaver as well in the New Year!


This list is in no particular order and some links may have affiliate links attached to them. I greatly appreciate any support!
Anything with the trophy emoji 🏆 is a tool I use ALL the time.


  1. Vocaroo - No Sign-in Voice Recorder

  2. Wheel of Names - Fun Spinning Wheel 🏆

  3. Brainstormer - No Sign-in Collaborative Space

  4. Flippity - Simple Apps made with Google Sheets

  5. Whitebord - Quick No Sign-in whiteboard

  6. YoTeach - Online Chat for classroom & teacher


  1. Scribe - Make how-to instructions quickly 🏆

  2. Formative - Make Interactive Worksheets and Assessment 🏆

  3. - Similar to Formative but fewer question types

  4. Genially - Make Interactive Infographics 🏆

  5. Quizizz - Make quizzes and presentations 🏆

  6. Whiteboard - Online collaborative whiteboard

  7. Classroom Screen - Organize a classroom screen

  8. Wordwall - Printable and online games

Let the community know what you think in the comment section.