Last night shouldn’t have happened, but how could I miss out on one night with the man I once loved. Before I walked into Luna’s, I wondered was our chemistry the same. Earlier this week at the office, we joked about old times.

There Kaleb and I stood, surrounded by a group of strangers on the dance floor. My hands splaying his chest was like second nature. I couldn’t describe it. In that moment we were seventeen again, enjoying a live band. His light, playful smile brought comfort to my soul. I wished we could defy the odds. We almost escaped the prejudices of this country. We were almost free to be together.

The liquor was my crutch during the night. All alpha Kaleb stressed I’d stay at his place. I could’ve protested. Demanded he take me to the B & B.

But the chance to have one night to stare into his eyes. Lose myself in what once was a beautiful union between two people. It was too hard to pass up. I knew it was naïve to think we could go back in time permanently. The one night was all I had. 


I stared at my reflection in the oversized mirror in the corner of his bedroom. My fingers swayed, the soft expensive sky-blue dress shirt fabric swallowing my frame.

In the midst of his story, I dozed off. All the arguing and dodging him throughout the week left me sleep deprived. During the night, his fingers stroked my hip bone like a harp. His intoxicating scent and touch lulled me into a deep slumber.


My bare feet padded down the smooth wooden stairs. The thought of lying in his arms again after twelve years of being apart felt like we were locked in a dream. I longed for Kaleb to touch more than my hip. I was surprised he listened to my frantic pleas earlier that evening. That line couldn’t be crossed.

He left me alone in this humongous house. What did he think would happen? I’d throw caution to the wind and say we could pick up where we left off. No, he didn’t think that. There was still bitterness in his eyes when they stared into mine. He hated me for cowering and walking away from us. Not to worry. I hated myself too. But my family was more important than my desires.

Strolling through the living room the recessed lights lit my path. Kaleb helped conceal my identity. He lowered every window treatment. Including the electric ones in the glass entry foyer. The only view I had was of the lush green back yard. Trees encased the large space, offering tranquility. Stepping into the kitchen, I brushed my fingers across the marble countertop and stared at the note.


Good morning Skyy,

Stay as long as you like. There’s plenty of food in the fridge. I’ll return Wednesday. You’ll find the house key and the gate code inside the envelope.

My jaw slacked. What the fuck?

I’ve opened my home to my ex-girlfriend who looks drop dead gorgeous in my shirt.

My heart stopped and my thighs clenched together. The thought of Kaleb dressing me sent shock waves through my body. I missed his mouth on my breasts and how good his bare cock felt deep inside of me.

No to the dirty thoughts, Skyy.

If Maria and Carlena knew I slept next to Dr. Sexy, they’d want every intricate detail. I laughed inside.

The keys to the Range Rover are hanging near the garage entry door. You probably won’t take the truck. At least call the car service.

I glanced at the card on the counter.

Here’s my phone number if you want to give me the third degree. But you already have it, don’t you?

See you next week.



My heart rocked in my chest. Every employee had his phone number. That wasn’t the one he was speaking of.

He meant his personal number. The one he never changed. Did he know I dialed it from time to time just to hear his voice? No, he didn’t know that was me calling. Did he?