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Welcome to the post grad money community! 👋

Are you a student or a post-grad and...

- you feel like money management is a "later problem"?

- you still don't understand how retirement accounts work?

- you hear the term "budgeting" but it is just not for you?

- you get overwhelmed with investing and don't know where to start?

Anmol and Andrew are personal finance creators who were CRAVING for an community outside of Instagram. Both wanted a way to share information with their following with like minded individuals, but didn't know how to get started. 

Flash forward to our beautiful collaboration of PGM 💸PGM is a discord server created by Moneymolz (Anmol) and Nuclearwealth (Andrew) and is designed to teach post graduates all about their finances.

Post Grad Money will go over the tools needed as you transition to the real world - get ready for a community where you can work with others to figure out your budget, saving, and investing goals. You will have the opportunity to keep asking questions and learn from your peers!

We created this community to foster a personal finance interest from the START. The skills you will learn and grow in this community can be used for years to come!

what's included:

- exclusive financial content

- monthly saving/debt challenges and book clubs 

- FREE access to all future PGM products (ex: spreadsheets, ebooks)

- monthly webinars/presentations on personal finance topics

This is a new community so we are super open to feedback! We want this to work out for YOU 😊

For any personal finance creators interested in becoming an affiliate, email us at [email protected] 😊