Buy PPC Live UK a coffee


Hey! PPC Live UK is the only PPC focused event for practitioners, based and run in London, UK. We make the prices so low that there is no barrier to access. 

Each event - which is being run every two months, is packed with 3 experienced speakers, networking and socialising in the heart of East London. 

Many speakers at PPC Live UK are well-known names within the industry who share their insights in the world of search. They are past speakers of BrightonSEO, Search London, HeroConf and more. 

In an ever-changing Paid Search world, it's also a chance for practitioners to meet with people and share tactics and things that are/aren't working anymore. All our talks will have tips you can take back to your workplace and implement immediately.

The is fully run and planned on a voluntary basis and buying a coffee will help support the event and ensure the ticket price remains low.