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Emmanuel - Referral

Emmanuel - Referral

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I blog and negotiate great deals for Prague's expat community, to help you maximize your life quality in Prague. If you find my work helpful, please buy me a coffee (or 2)! ;-)

I started Prague Referral to help our growing expat community. I'm absolutely in love with Prague, and I want everyone to experience it in its best colours.

A foreigner living in Czech Republic might find navigating through Czech bureaucracy difficult. :-) Building your network, finding a job, avoiding scams - these are the challenges I want to help you handle.

That's why I run PragueReferral.cz and its community on Facebook. That's why I negotiate with different businesses to offer my community great deals on goods and services that help foreigners get the maximum out of their time spent in Prague.

If you like what I do, please consider buying me a coffee, or two - I drink at least 4 of them per day. ;-)

Thank you for your support!

P.S. If you mention your @handle I’ll tweet about your help. 😉

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Yeey! We've got our 'Buy me a coffee' page set up! I'd like to thank our community members for recommending this platform. Let's see how much love you guys show. It's true that I drink A LOT of coffee to keep going! 😂 But in all honesty - any contribution is highly appreciated.