Happy November!

Nov 02, 2023

I was gonna make this post yesterday, but I was taking a much needed mental health day.

It's a new year (by the Celtic calendar)! The last month of the year was...rough. I was sick for two weeks (knocked on my ass for about a week/week and a half, spent the rest of those two weeks taking it easy to rest and recouperate). I have no idea what it was, but I figured that - since I'm in a position to - isolating for a couple weeks wouldn't go amiss.

If you haven't checked it out yet I put out a video in October (and another one will be out this month too) so go take a look at my YouTube channel!


And there's also a new member exclusive video available for anybody on the YouTube Fan tier that goes along with October video!

My short 'The Order' (available here in the shop or on Etsy) is now back to it's $3 price.

And as always I'm available for VA work in the general admin, transcription, and bookkeeping realms. Book a free Vibe Call today (in the shop) to discuss your needs today!

Until next time Pals...

Blessed be! ❤️

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