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5 things that make Twitter less attractive to everyone

May 23, 2023

Just a few things that Twitter lacks and what makes it less attractive not only to the younger generation but to everyone. While new-brand's nannies are sniffing left and right to find that little thing, I will just name a few big ones.

1. Overwhelming amount of information or/and no relevant information

With the constant flow of tweets and retweets, it can be difficult for users to keep up and find content that resonates with them. The sheer volume of information on Twitter can be overwhelming and lead to an isolated feeling that nobody actually listens to anyone, and at times it resembles using an RSS reader or a news app.

2. Toxicity, assholes, troll, arguing

Twitter has been plagued by issues with cyberbullying, hate speech, and other forms of toxicity. This can be a major turnoff for normal people who want a safe and positive environment to engage with others online. This becomes impossible with the growing number of manic individuals that are sick, confused, or downright evil, using that platform and only coming there to screech and insult others.

The majority of creative people are not there, nobody who is normal uses it, it is naïve to think that anyone there is sane enough to hold a healthy conversation.

3. Lack of personalization, color, and shapes, it looks baren, contra-intuitive, uninteresting, and generic

While Twitter allows users to curate their feeds to some extent, it still falls short when it comes to truly personalized content. This can make it difficult for younger users to find content that speaks to their interests and passions. Also, the looks of app, it looks like the Earth postflood.

4. Difficulty in building a following

With so many users vying for attention on the platform, it can be difficult for people who are not marketers or attention-hungry trolls to build a following and gain traction. This can lead to a lack of motivation to continue using the platform. Why would anyone use a platform ( any platform) in which a user is a grown-ass man acting like a child ( literally and metaphorically)?

5. Limited engagement opportunities

While Twitter allows for some degree of engagement through likes, retweets, and replies, without the newest installments of videos and Spaces, it can feel like a one-sided conversation at times.

This lack of meaningful engagement can be a major turnoff for users who like genuine connections and interactions with others.

EXTRA: Suspension

Nobody will invest time, money, and energy just to have it all deleted.

Twitter may have been the go-to platform for social media engagement in the past, but it is no longer.

As we continue to refine our approach to social media, we consider the needs and preferences of our target audience more, understand it more, and I am sure we will find the platforms that best align with those needs.

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