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Crowdfunding platforms fees

May 24, 2023

Twitter will charge 10% platform fees after 1 year free. Do you think it is exaggerated? Let's compare it to the competition.

Green Group 

- doesn't have any platform fees or is extremely low.

Ko-Fi, Github, Liberapay, and BuyMeACoffee seem to have the lowest cost for creators.

Yellow Group 

- takes a portion of earnings but significantly less than Twitter would.

Red Group 

- almost as equal to or significantly more than Twitter.

YouTube charges 0% platform fees for creators who offer membership to their audience through the YouTube platform. However, YouTube takes a cut of 30% from the revenue earned by the creator from the membership program. This means that if a creator earns $100 from membership subscriptions, YouTube will take $30 as its cut and the creator will receive $70.

All of these websites go under no-thank-you category. And I don't believe I will be making any money whatsoever with them.

Using it as a video preview /hosting platform seems good enough, but I don't want to combat their copyright engine, false claims which usually temporarily take off my content, and the fact that I make absolutely nothing off it but additionally enrichen a platform.

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