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INKed Aye Drop - "369 11:11 Requiem ( for Amadeus)"

Aug 23, 2021


Song, lyrics and cover art made and arranged by aschatria.

Instrument: Groovy Loops pad, Seeping Acid pad set

I made this composition based on one of my poems that I wrote in May 2014, called the Requiem for Amadeus. I think that the theme of the song fits the atmosphere of the composition. This time I didn't use the Groovepad, I could not find the set to appropriate the mood, but something similar called Groovy Loops, which is also a very fun and easy drum pad set. It is very audible that there is a lot of FX effects which are both fun to use and give very satisfying finish. FX Bass and Pad, plus Bells is also very good.

Cover art: hand made sketch, pencil on paper, plus the Polish app effects

The cover art is made by me scribbling on paper, it is nowhere near the art piece, for that I will need to take that sketch and transfer it into a better form. Blur effect is added additionally, that is not a fault on paper. For the purpose of the music video this one is OK, 369 Requiem is pretty much a short sketch of the much longer story...

Animation: Songrender, 1:1, waveform, progress bar

I have nothing new to add here, the app for video render is solid, it works as expected and the features are OK for me.

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