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I am an author, musician, media producer and radio host. Currently I have eight books published on Amazon and multiple podcasts – the best known being Celtic Roots Radio.

I have been writing for technical magazines since 1988, while also lecturing in computing at a local college in Northern Ireland. Since then I have published a magazine – Bread – for seven years, written and published eight books of my own on Amazon and fifteen novels and short story collections written by my wife, Gerry McCullough.

I started podcasting in 2007 with Celtic Roots Radio and after 3 or 4 shows it took off. Later I produced 2 more shows, 'In tha Name a' Gawd!' follow on from a local radio show I hosted in Belfast. The new series consisted of faith-based music, news and interviews. 'Fresh Bread: Your Kingdom Come' was another series of 30-min shows, based on my first bible prophecy book, 'The Whore and her Mother.' Both these series were broadcast on satellite radio for 4 years.