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Rupert & Michael here - thanks for visiting our Buy Me A Coffee page. 
We are the creators of the celebrated 2008 film 'STANDING WITH STONES' (view here) and we make outstanding prehistoric archaeology content for YouTube.

Full disclosure: we also run a Patreon campaign as well (here), but not everyone is comfortable with committing to a monthly subscription - so - if that sounds like you AND you'd still like to give something to help our project, then here's the place to do it.

Despite all the podcasts, interviews and other 'desk-bound' content we produce, we also consider ourselves primarily to be FILM MAKERS. We cut our teeth on the epic 2008 film 'Standing with Stones' and we've been itching ever since to create a body of work that develops and fleshes out the narrative created in that film, that answers so many of the unanswered questions and brings the latest discoveries in prehistoric archaeology to bear on the subject.

We aim to produce a collection of films that helps illuminate the story of the first farmers, the people who were inspired and audacious enough to express themselves in stone; to be the megalith builders.  

Needless to say, this will involve us in travelling near and far - the Neolithic did not begin in Britain after all! For instance, our next film will take us to North West France and the Brittany coast - to the stones of Carnac.

This Buy Me A Coffee campaign is a rolling fund that will be used to finance the costs of whatever our next film is; travel, lodging, subsistence and other ancillary costs that may be involved.

We'll keep you updated as to what we plan to do and hope you'll always be as excited as we are helping illuminate our prehistoric past.

To check our previous films, please look at this YouTube playlist - with your help, we'll be travelling much further afield!

Thanks for visiting and thanks for even thinking about supporting the Prehistory Guys 😄