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Practising for Göbekli Tepe to Stonehenge by looking for a menhir in France!

May 25, 2023

Michael going down to see Rupert down at his home in the Aude region of France was all about moving the 'Göbekli Tepe to Stonehenge' project along.

We achieved a huge amount while we were together; decisions made about flights, car hire, which sites we are going to visit etc. etc., and we drilled down on all the expenses to make sure we are within budget and we have chosen a set of dates for the filming.

However, this time around it won't just be Rupert in front of the camera. As you're probably aware, GTTS will be a travelogue involving the two of us - in other words a large part of the filming for GTTS will be seat-of-the-pants vlogging with the intent of bringing the viewer along with us as far as is possible. Turning the camera on ourselves in this way needs practice so we thought we'd take advantage of the situation and make a short film in the style we'd like to adopt and use it as a learning platform to find out the strengths and pitfalls of this way of filming on the fly.

Hope you enjoy!

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