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Hey there, I am SayKiat from, also a design practitioner at Studio Fana. aims to help your design-learning journey easier. I understand that self-taught-anything is cool — with the vast amount of tutorials and lectures available online, accessing design tutorials and lectures can be easy, BUT even easier to get lost in the sea of information. 

It can be daunting to scout for the “perfect” course, especially when doubts like "Am I design-fit enough to learn another design skillset?", "Should I spend my time on this trial lesson? Will it be all fluff?", "What are the possible design careers and how do I learn more about them?"

That’s why's mission is to make the design-learning journey more accessible!

For designer, achieve this by putting together the best design lectures and tutorials from the net, and make them completely free for everyone! These Bootcamp-grade course should also prep you to land a job in the creative industry.

For non-designers, also curate bite-sized contents that prep you for your next project (e.g. designing social media post, prototype a website, create simple branding).

---------------- started as a passion project to help high-schoolers understand design career better and let design students broaden their design skillset quicker. But I believe its benefit can extend far beyond the design community — the world is getting tougher, and I figure everyone could use a bit of design to make things nicer!