African Mango is one of the latest discoveries on the weight loss market. The product contains an extract of African mango, whose slimming properties surpass the effectiveness of the popular acai berry extract. The product stormed the American market and recently has also been available in Europe, where it is expected to have a bright future.


African Mango is a perfect solution for those who have been disappointed by numerous diets that didn’t bring expected results. It will safely help you burn superfluous fat and help you maintain and control your body weight.

The product is based on the African mango fruit, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. African mango seeds contain a large amount of fiber, which provides a feeling of satiety for longer and significantly reduces appetite. African Mango also contains a powerful antioxidant (Irvingia Gabonensis) which stimulates weight loss and fat burning. Additionally, African Mango keeps leptin in balance and since leptin is responsible for managing the body’s energy reserve, it can be extremely effective in helping people to achieve their dream body. For many years it has been a strong competition for slimming formulas containing the famous Acai berry.

African Mango isn’t only effective in weight loss, it also has many other health benefits. It has been shown to lower cholesterol, prevent inflammation and ensure proper levels of C-reactive protein and adiponectin in the body. It can also regulate blood glucose levels and help to eliminate toxins.

Based on natural ingredients, with no unnecessary fillers and harmful substances, African Mango has become a hit on the market of dietary supplements!

African Mango is produced in the United Kingdom in accordance with the standards of GMP.


Clinical studies on African mango conducted at the University of Yaounde (Cameroon) in 2005 confirmed its effectiveness.

The object of the study was the impact of Irvingia Gabonensis (an antioxidant found in African mango) on weight loss. 40 people took part in the study. 28 participants of the study were taking 1.05 grams of an African mango extract, three times a day. A placebo was given to other 12 people. The duration of the study was 4 weeks. Within this timespan, the participants taking African mango reduced their body weight by as much as 5.26%! In contrast, people taking placebo reduced their body weight by only 1.26%.

African Mango is a proven and extremely effective way to lose extra weight. This safe dietary supplement will not only reduce your fat tissue, but it will help you to get and keep your dream body!

Do you want to get rid of extra weight and those embarrassing belly creases? Now it is possible!

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African Mango supplement is made from the extraordinary fruit that grows mainly in Cameroon: the African mango.

Mango fruit is rich in many valuable vitamins, including:

  • antioxidants such as vitamins C and E

  • vitamins B6 and K,

  • B vitamins,

  • polyphenols,

  • provitamin A,

  • carotenoids, potassium,

  • copper,

  • 17 amino acids,

  • omega 3 and 6-polyunsaturated fatty acids.

There are many varieties of this noble fruit, but the active extract that supports weight loss is obtained from the seeds of African mango that grows in the rainforests of West Africa.

The most valuable parts of the African mango fruit are the seeds, which are called “Dikka nuts” by the native inhabitants. The famous extract, which is a mixture of polyphenols, minerals and vitamins that positively affects hormonal balance, is obtained exactly from these seeds.

Scientists believe that an extract of African mango seeds (Irvingia Gabonensis) contributes to a significant improvement of metabolic parameters by:

  • removing harmful toxins from the body,

  • lowering blood cholesterol levels,

  • reducing appetite,

  • burning fat tissue and stopping its production.


Polyphenols are a varied class of organic chemicals (flavones, flavonols, flavanoms, catechins, tannins and phenolic acids) used to treat many ailments. The mixture of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals found in African mango effectively unblocks cell receptors. Therefore, it increases our sensitivity to leptin and insulin and protects us from the creation of new fat cells. Polyphenols are also responsible for increasing the levels of leptin in the blood, which is a hormone secreted into the blood that regulates food intake. Moreover, thanks to the properties of polyphenols, lipolysis processes are intensified. This means that the body can use the fat stored earlier and prevent the build up of new fat.

African Mango dietary supplement contains up to 600 mg of pure African mango extract! This means the product is the most effective among dietary weight loss supplements.

It is made only from the fruit, which is full of vitamins and minerals and can only be found in the West African rainforest.

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African Mango:

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