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What is Startup PR Tracker?

It's a Google Sheet that provides you curated access to 380+ directories, marketplaces, blogs, and communities where you can feature your website.

You can access this sheet for FREE by simply saving the link and making your submissions one by one. The links are clickable, and every resource mentioned can be seen and accessed.

Get the Startup PR Tracker without an editable template.




But, I want to copy this sheet and edit the template!

If you want to use the template, copy the sheet and edit it for yourself, that would be USD 15/-

You will have to support me with USD 15 as the payment here, and I will immediately send you a copy of the editable template via email.

With the template, you can:

- Track your Sign-Ups, Mentions, and Progress of listing

- Checklist of content required

- Hacks and Tips I have found online - will keep updating.

Why I Made This?

I had read about how listing public profiles across directories, marketplaces, and guest posting in blogs leads to better Domain Authority and eventually upgrades your SEO and content marketing efforts.

Hence, I started looking for websites where I could list my startup.

While doing so, I created a list of 350+ potential sites and started tracking my ROI in terms of efforts put via mentions, features, signups.

Sharing this Google Sheet to help other startup folks!

How to Access?

It's a Google Sheet in 'View' mode. Click below link to access it for FREE. Only editable template is paid as mentioned before:

Get the Startup PR Tracker

Have doubts?

Email me at [email protected] OR contact me via Twitter: @harshalachavan7 (my DMs are open!)

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