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Please take 2 minutes to read how 16AUD (~10USD) can help people transform their circumstances into opportunities through language learning and skills development.

After visiting Comuna 13 in Medellin, a place that in the past was one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world, I decided to develop learning and work opportunities with people directly affected or displaced by the violence in Colombia.The idea was to generate opportunities for people in vulnerable situations, which is why I created Primed Community, a non-profit organization, to fulfill this purpose.

In a context of high social inequalities, where the cycles of poverty are difficult to break, I realised that people don’t lack skills, they lack opportunities and with a supportive community that provided language and skills training, we could help people transform their circumstances through sharing their unique stories with an international audience.We created a project named "Storytellers" that teaches language and life skills so that people can use their personal and community stories to design immersive tours, cultural exchange events and create local initiatives that connect visitors with the history of Colombia and share its transformation.

This project provides decent work opportunities and a sustainable local economy through our storytellers sharing their unique experiences in their local communities. Over 1.000 people have gone through our community English and skills development training courses and the project continues impacting communities around Medellín and Colombia.

Where will your money go?

Our priority is to connect people in situations of vulnerability with decent opportunities. We do this through:

*Ongoing community classes - Our number 1 priority is to continue offering 2 weekly classes of English and skills development, with a focus on community tourism to the community of Moravia (another vulnrable neighbourhood in Medellín) and to open new chapters in other communities around Medellin (to come back to Comuna 13 and to open a new one in Santo Domingo).

*Engaging learning resources- Each student gets access to our custom learning platform designed for the Storyteller course that is always being updated and learning materials for their classes.

*Community events- We facilitate cultural exchange events to support local initiatives through our community fairs and share gifts in our annual comunnity christmas.

The monthly fee for 1 student to access the English is just $16AUD (~10USD):

-16AUD (~10USD)-Monthly fee for English classes for 1 student

-24AUD (~15USD)-Monthly fee for English classes for 2 students

-47AUD (~30USD)-Monthly fee for English classes for 5 students

-108AUD (~70USD)- English for 1 year for 1 student

To check the work we do with the community you can visit our social networks and website:


Many thanks for all your support,

Ed Broadbent

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