While the dystopian idea of #metaverse has everyone concerned about actual human connections, ironically brands can see this as the next stop to further #personalization!

With metaverse doing the rounds, the scope for advertising increases rapidly for brands across spectrums! While a lot of cosmetics/apparel brands have been using it in smaller scales
Eg- Lenskart.com for 3D trials of frames
L'Oréal for 3D trial of their range of lipstick shades

Metaverse gives us a second chance to be where we couldn’t be before in a way not done before.

To explain it very lucidly

With a research in place, it was found the carts that are abandoned at check-out on #ecomm websites, usually consists of consumer trial goods (clothes, home décor) than practical goods (extension cables, electronics)

Now, imagine if Nykaa had a metaverse. It could completely change the biggest dilemma of online shopping - ‘How will it look on me?”
(Considering it massively caters to the feminine category)

Fashion and Makeup are a sentimental aspect of #shopping more than it being practical.

Nykaa can -
- Culminate Nykaa Cosmetics and Nykaa Fashion (for clothes) under one experiential metaverse (currently they are two different apps)

- For every cosmetic added to the cart, the consumer has the choice to curate their avatar with the clothes they select from Nykaa fashion 

- with the metaverse they also have an option to see their avatar’s outfits/makeup in the virtual environment of a wedding. Office, party etc

What makes it different from regular online shopping is the hyper personalization at every step of the #consumerjourney

Metaverse can be a playing ground with no rules holding the brands, the creativity of letting every consumer draft their own journey than us restricting them to a journey which brands often generalize for all!

This is just a small aspect of the wider metaverse before us :)