Before we see a place for technology in #advertising, it’s important to see why #technology?
On a surface level, nothing in advertising or marketing warrants the integration of complicated #algorithms and #datasets, that is, until.. it does.
Here’s a list of dialogues you will hear in a marketing/ad dept.:
- “This copy won’t work for the brand” - Again, how do we know? Because we familiarized ourselves with the audience prototype of the brand and they might not like this- OKAY, but..what if they do
- “Let’s get some influencers on board”
- Why are we placing the xyz element on the left side in the creative?
- We’re making reels, but no engagement, what’s wrong?
- Should our media assets be 20 seconds long or 45?
The questions you saw above:
1. Can be answered by people at ad agencies/marketing departments
2. Can be answered by machines with more accuracy, to back their claim based on data collected, and give us the confidence that the effort/money isn’t being aimed at nothing
Point is, we as brand managers can know our brand inside out and still miss out on an #insight, because the audience today is so diverse.

They change fast, their choices are a combination of random things, and they move on from trends faster, because they have a choice to.

On the flip side, we can have the best human #resources deployed for a project and yet be wasting their talent, time and our money
And hence, here we establish a place for technology- so that we as creatives, can focus on what our field primarily wants from us, while having accurate data to promise the success of our campaigns/ads!
To understand the practicality of this idea, stay tuned as I further talk about use cases of AI and Machine Learning in advertising! :)