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The Program has been described as a love child of Black Mirror and NPR. A new episode is available for free every month at www.programaudioseries.com.

The show is a labour of love to which everybody contributes their talents pro bono. However the show still incurs fixed costs such as equipment rentals, catering, and music rights. Making a donation will help the series going and give you a feeling of intrinsic satisfaction. Plus you'll get to choose from a list of frivolous rewards!

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hashhar is now a member.

I really love the way this has turned out to be. I still remember adding the initial HN soft launch to my Pocket queue and then coming back to it a day later and going through the comments while listening to the first episode. The comments ended but the one episode turned into 3 episodes and then I was left waiting for more. I had never though I'd be "binging" on a podcast. I wish you and everybody associated with the show luck and want to see this reach a cohesive conclusion. PS: Take this a your own pace. Once any activity you do starts feeling like a chore or has expectations attached to it you might lose the joy of it.

Many thanks for being with the Program since the first commit message! Don't worry, the inspiration is still strong and new episodes are coming

Ari is now a member.

The world needs more of the program!

Definitely either more or less of it!

Someone bought 5 roddenberrys.

Thank you, kind stranger from down the street!

Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams is now a member.

Love the show!

And the show loves you!

@xemaris is now a member.

I enjoyed the show very much so far, so very much, that I felt obligated to do my share to keep it going.

A honour to call you a Little sister, sir!

Thank you very much, I looked forward to this moment for a long two days!