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Fans have described The Program as a love child of Black Mirror and public radio. A new episode is available for free every two months at

The show is a labour of love to which everybody contributes their talents pro bono. However the show still incurs fixed costs such as equipment rentals, catering, and music rights. Supporting us will help keep the series going and give you access to bonus episodes!

One-time support rewards:

Buy 1 roddenberry: You will access to bonus episode of "White hat, black hat", depicting the war between Little Sisters and the Crocketts from a perspective of a junkie who isn't aware there's a war to begin with.

Buy 3 roddenberries: In addition to above, you will gain access to the two alternative endings of episode 12.

Buy 5 roddenberries: In addition to above, you will gain access to bonus episode "Counterprogramming"

You can also get access to all current and future bonus episodes and ad-free listening by becoming a member for either $4 per month or $40 per year.

Bonus content will be sent to the provided email address. If you would like it delivered differently, contact the author after making the donation at [email protected]