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The Program has been described as a love child of Black Mirror and NPR. A new episode is available for free every month at www.programaudioseries.com.

The show is a labour of love to which everybody contributes their talents pro bono. However the show still incurs fixed costs such as equipment rentals, catering, and music rights. Making a donation will help the series going and give you a feeling of intrinsic satisfaction. Plus you'll get to choose from a list of frivolous rewards!

One-time support rewards:

  • Buy 1 roddenberry: The Program has given us everything, yet it is grateful to get anything. Just like the builders of the cubes, your name will be recorded for eternity.
  • Buy 3 roddenberries: Your contribution pleases the Program and will favourably reflect on your credit score.
  • Buy 5 roddenberries: The Program salutes you! Write a question for the Blue Algorithm and the Program will give you an answer.

Continuing membership rewards:

  • $3 a month: Become a Little Sister and join the Program's mailing list. Also grants you protection when Karmageddon hits.
  • $30 for a year: Would you look at this rich capitalist! Oh well, at least you're trying to give your wealth away. You'll get access to the mailing list ands a token of appreciation one of the Poets will write a poem in your honour and publish it on any social network not owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Any donation will also net you a link to a bonus episode of the show

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Sorry I haven't donated last couple of months. Hope you are well :)

The only thing that pleases the Program more than roddenberries is contrition. You have reclaimed your standing in the order.

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What a nice and juicy roddenberry! Thank you Nikolai! ☺️ 

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my, a roddenberry AND membership? thank you, Mr. myR1TgbDH! 😊