Things are kind of slow on this end. My son keeps me busy and I find difficult to fine time to continue writing the book. I also published a conference paper and I need to prepare a presentation. This paper has received the best paper award in the conference, so happy :) Thanks to everyone who helped to shape the final idea

May 20

Members of pyUmbral decided to merge my pull request :)

Apr 15

All these pull requests are just a way to show that it is easy to contribute to an open source project even if you just read the recap section of my book :)

Apr 11

I have created a new pull request to the project pyUmbral that makes a correction to their API from @staticmethod to @classmethod. I have high hopes that they merge this request since they acknowledge that it should have been a @classmethod in the previous pull request. The pull request can be found here:

Apr 11

The people behind pyUmbral thought that they were not ready to accept such change and theybelieve that they need to think about their architecture and other changes before accepting my pull request, found here:

Apr 11

With just the information from the recap chapter, I was able to propose a pull request for PyUmbral, a threshold proxy re-encryption scheme that powers the NuCypher KMS network! Check out the conversations here:

Apr 06