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We just started this page because some people asked us how they can donate to support us!

The content we create on TikTok and Youtube will always be totally free to consume. However, if you enjoy our content and want to support us more, buy us a coffee on this page!

Please don't feel any pressure to donate if you do not want to or don't have the financial means. Either way, we appreciate that you enjoy our content! 

Pat and Ralph
Pat and Ralph bought 5 coffees.

Life is short,  so glad you are exploring and adventuring - it’s a worthy investment in your future.

Thank you so much for the support Pat and Ralph!! We appreciate it a lot!

Gary Pesso
Gary Pesso bought 5 coffees.

Thanks so much Gary!

Kathryn Weller
Kathryn Weller bought 3 coffees.

Have fun!

Thanks so much Kathryn!!!

DANA A GRAMS bought 5 coffees.
Me Delfina Darquier
Me Delfina Darquier bought 3 coffees.

Go Boys! Hope your project takes off! 

Thank you so much!!