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The big technology giant Facebook was unreachable on 04 October 2021 along with Instagram & WhatsApp. It was a global outage of service. In some regions, the internet was also get affected due to the incident.

According to some news reports and facebook’s statement, the problem occurred due to configuration changes to its routers. Even the employee and engineers of facebook were unable to access the server area for a few hours because the security system was also down at the center. Facebook’s internal system was also affected by the outage.

Facebook listed for sale after the website goes down

According to many users on the Twitter current domain of Facebook, got listed for sale during the outage. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey also retweeted it asking about the price of the domain.

During the outage, other than Facebook, a few other services were also facing problems to load like My Jio,, Paytm Bank, etc.

The big companies were also doing some fun stuff on Twitter during the outage:

This was the Longest Recent Outage Globally which cost Facebook a loss of $7 Billion.

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