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I am the creator behind TutorialsMate(, a site that helps beginners to learn most of the technical skills. It is also a good platform for developers.

TutorialsMate is a single man indie operation. I started it for sharing my knowledge and experience. TutorialsMate has become the only job for me and I want to watch TutorialsMate grow more for a long time helping people.

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  • I need a good hosting server plan to support all traffic coming to TutorialsMate.
  • I need a robust CDN for serving static content faster with the SSL enabled option.
  • I need a good internet plan including wifi for my home and office.
  • I need to maintain stable DNS hosting.
  • I need a backup server to keep an offsite backup of TutorialsMate.
  • I need a stable email hosting service to send out email newsletters.

Apart from that, I need to continue to eat food and support TutorialsMate.

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