The characteristics of computer have made them so powerful and universally useful. The term ‘characteristics’ here, indicates the qualities or features of a computer system.

Currently, the computer has become an essential part of human life and can be easily seen in most of the fields. Most people are computer-friendly and are making their lives easier with it. But, when people are asked about the characteristics of the computer, they give such a response- what! What is this?

In this article, we have explained the basic characteristics of computers and how they are making our work easier.

Characteristics of Computer

There are various characteristics of computer system depending on their size, capacity, and specifications. But, the major characteristics of the computer can be classified into:

  • Speed

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  • Accuracy

  • Diligence

  • Versatility

  • Reliability

  • Consistency

  • Memory

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  • Storage Capacity

  • Remembrance Power

  • Automation

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Limitations of the Computer

Some limitations of the computer system are given below:

  • The computer itself cannot function. It needs a set of instructions to perform or process any task.

  • Computers cannot think or feel like humans. They can only work according to the instructions given.

  • Unlike humans, computers do not learn from experiences.

  • Power is required to operate the computer and unexpected problems or errors can occur in the event of a breakdown of the system.

Nowadays, computers are being used in everything from navigation to communication. While there are some limitations or drawbacks for computers, however, the characteristics of computers overcome them.

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