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Hello! Thank you so much for considering supporting our work on PRXLUDES!

My name is Zygmund ("Zyggy") de Somogyi, and I'm the artistic director and editor of PRXLUDES.

PRXLUDES is an online platform and magazine featuring in-depth interviews with emerging composers, artists and musicians, building a community of new music practitioners, providing resources for emerging composers, and furthering the accessibility of contemporary music.

In 2023, we're looking to expand the capabilities of PRXLUDES to not just interviews with emerging composers, but also:
> The commissioning of guest articles by featured (or otherwise) composers
> The creation of an online resource for emerging and newly-graduated composers, including: articles on the commissioning process, professional branding, and application writing; access to opportunities and schemes; advice from established professionals in the industry
> The creation of a London-based concert series, in which we would potentially commission composers

At this time, PRXLUDES is a predominantly one-person operation, with all of the costs coming out of pocket. The immediate costs of running this magazine are as follows:
> WordPress: Business Plan & custom theme - £24/month, or £288/year
> Google Workspace, incl. Drive and email access - £4/month, or £48/year
> The '' domain - £15/year

If just 6 people bought coffees for PRXLUDES every month, the costs of the magazine would break even.

If just 10 people bought coffees for PRXLUDES every month, not only would we break even, we would be able to start on our journey to accomplish the goals we have set ourselves in 2023.

The option of a monthly donation is also available. From 2023, monthly donors will have access to new articles one (1) week early from their scheduled publishing date.

Any donation will go a hugely long way to making sure the PRXLUDES project can be kept alive. Thank you so much - your support is sincerely appreciated.

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