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Hey 👋 I do all sorts of stuff in the infosec community to try and help others and pay forward the knowledge I've learned through my experiences and years in this community.

I make open source software and run a community known as One of the projects I've been most proud of is Axiom, it's a dynamic infrastructure framework for hackers to save them money and open up the power of dynamic infra to the average person.

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I have been using terraform and ansible to do the same and it was cumbersome to maintain. I tried axiom and my life has been so easy with it. Will happy to contribute to some writeups on different use cases! :) Keep up the good work! I will be happy to donate monthly 10$ or more to this project and keep it running!

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I don't even use the tool, this is Adam. But i know those who do. Good job, you put a lot of effort in. AFter vaccines lets get a cup of real joe

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