Hi! Psalm Lab Family! 🥳

Welcome back to another instalment of my weekly newsletter. It has been a busy week or so and there are a few things to talk about. So let’s get started

A new lore video is on the horizon I won’t reveal too much about it, other than I’ll be discussing “power” in Destiny, some hidden lore entries and my brief thoughts on what it could all mean.

I would like to say it will be going live on Wednesday evening but we will wait and see as I still need to put the teaser trailer together tonight! 😅

Old Chicago is calling!

Legends are Born

Before you go a new series is going to be making it’s way to the channel. With perhaps a little more fun and light hearted….

Yes! That’s right Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is going to be making its debut on the channel! Above is a little cinematic intro I have put together. My hope is to make this a three-part series. This is to test and see how well the videos perform and also to see if ArenaNet would be interested in partnering with us.

If this happens I plan to add GW2 to the catalogue of rich lore videos on the channel. No this won’t stop Destiny lore!

Destiny lore videos will continue to be a large feature on the channel. But with a seasonal model, there are large breaks in seasons. And this affords me space to breathe as a content creator and also enjoy and tell other stories with a rich lore.

So I hope you will join me on this new journey!

Thanks again for your support! ✌️🏾‍