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Welcome to Psychedelics Integration!

Our mission is to help you, dear psychonauts, land safely back into reality and turn challenging experiences into an opportunity for growth and healing.

We apply the principles of harm reduction and offer coaches that will help you in the process of integrating your insights with constructive narratives.

Our coaches

This project would not be possible with the involvement of our selected coaches who put their lengthy experience at your disposal. We are grateful to work together with each one of them.

Online events

You can join our bi-weekly free online Psychedelics Integration Sharing Circle signing up via Eventbrite, the next one is on Friday 10 June.


We are a very young platform that started barely half year ago and the attention we are getting is much unexpected. Thanks to everyone who supported us so far!

However, we would like to reach out to as many people as possible to help them understand themselves better and make it easier for them to improve. Any contribution you make here will be dedicated to create a fund for lower income people and also as a token of appreciation to the coaches for their voluntary work besides the consultations!

Connect with us

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