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Hey there. The name's Psykhophear (Phear for short), Creative Director and Founder of Montagu Studios. It's a real life company created in 2011 built to spread weirdness and macabre stuff in the form of comic book art.

Since the company's inception, Montagu Studios was on indefinite hiatus due to the amount of studies, travels and personal commitment I had to overcome at the time. A few years later, with most of those issues taken care of, I can now reignite the company into something big and that is to draw, draw and draw.

Many of you may recognise Müsnah, an original character I created. It's my wish to expand her story and adventures through my drawings as well as introducing new characters.

In addition, I also do fan arts of cosplayers and fictional characters that I love and admire. These artworks are done for free, which is kinda neat for awhile but in the long run, it will not help sustain my company or my sanity.

That is why I'm using Buy Me A Coffee. With your kind support, it will provide the boost I need to pursue this childhood dream of mine. I post all my artworks on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All artworks are done digitally. All logos and original characters belong to Montagu Studios unless noted.

Thank you for your kind attention.

- Phear