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Müsnah - Answer The Haul

Müsnah - Answer The Haul

Apr 19, 2021

6 months had passed and already Ajibola was making a fortune in his scam call business. He recently tricked an old lady from South Carolina into transferring $5,000 into his bank account after pretending to be a local banker even though he was a nobody from Nigeria.

The greedy bastard wanted more. He was about to call his next victim when suddenly his phone rang. It was from an unknown number. He picked it up and he could only hear breathing sounds from the receiver. He kept saying hello but the caller wouldn’t say anything. Instead, he heard a pre-recorded message that spoke in a robotic voice, “stop what you’re doing right now or I will hunt you down.” Ajibola replied with an F-bomb and hung up the phone.

A week later, the old lady received a package containing $5,000 in cash. Also included was a note with Müsnah’s signature on it written in red with little hearts and kisses. DNA test revealed that the red ink was actually Ajibola’s blood…

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