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Müsnah - Newsflesh

Jan 20, 2022

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC), there are two ways information is misconstrued to the media: misinformation and disinformation. The former is false information shared by people who do not intend to mislead others and the latter is false information deliberately created and disseminated with malicious intent.

Carl Brockman, anchorman for Fux News and an anti-vaxxer, is notorious for spreading disinformation to the public. Rather than sticking to the facts, he fabricates them (or make up his own stories from his La La Land brain) and tells his viewers all the wrong things about the pandemic. As a result, many people have died from listening to his lies and Brockman refuses to take responsibility for their deaths.

He claims he has strong immunity that not even the coronavirus can take him down. Nothing could be farther from the truth when Müsnah decides to put him to the test. The next day, news report comes flooding in social media about his death. Apparently, someone deliberately exposed Brockman to the virus and he didn’t last long. He was then tossed to a busy highway and was mutilated.

Very excessive but Müsnah wanted to send a message: please stop spreading false information. Whether it be about the coronavirus or a scandal or whatever, make sure to do your research first from very reliable sources. Information is power, disinformation is toxic - and that my friend, is a fact.

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