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Hello Public Health People! I'm Hannah and I'm one of the team members at

For nearly two years, I've been playing the role of "the curious explorer", trying to understand the answers to one big, intimidating question: 
What can we as individuals do about public health problems?

To build the landscape we want, we must mobilize our best and brightest to work on solving big public health problems. That's what led me to start Public Health Jobs.

. . . And every week, we send out a newsletter. In it, you can expect product updates from our team and: 
new jobs and volunteer roles at organisations working to solve climate changeupcoming (online) events for you to attendupdates from our team

You can read a past newsletter here. 

We basically do this work as full-time volunteers. Ironically, it's not (financially) sustainable... yet!

If you believe in the work we're doing to accelerate public health solutions while helping people find meaningful work, then please consider buying us a coffee. We'd really appreciate it. :)