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PPI is a knowledge platform dedicated solely to making Public Policy more engaging and accessible for everyday Indians while also making it easier for the young in India to build a career in this thriving space, with a strong focus on women in particular given its own larger socio-economic positive spinoffs! Conceptualized and started by young Public Policy professionals, we aim to become the one-stop hub for all things policy in India. This involves two specific aims – First is to improve the understanding, accessibility, and awareness about Public Policy and relevant policy issues via our Media and Knowledge products. The second aim for us is how do we make it easier for many more young Indians to make a career in this fast-growing space!

Public Policy is important. Policy choices have consequences for all of us across the spectrum and contexts. Given how it operates usually in the background and the slowly apparent effects of Policy Choices – We don’t actively or in full measure grasp how it impacts our day-to-day lives and why it is critical to engage with it as individuals as well as members of society. Developing an understanding and awareness of Public Policy and Policy choices being made on our behalf also gains importance since it is only then that we can shape our society, governments, institutions in a manner ensuring that they work and function for our collective benefit.


An average Indian engages with Public Policy multiple times a day. From fretting about power cuts to meandering through potholed roads, marveling at instant transfers via UPI to the lack of well-paying and productive jobs in the country, from hastily imposed lockdowns to overcrowded locals – each of these instances is an outcome of active Policy choices.

Ours is a generation far more aware than any before. With a fast-paced lifestyle and access to vast information, it is more engaged with socio-political issues and loves holding an opinion as well, all of it on the go! But, there exists a lack of understanding of this range of issues with which we engage frequently, on a sustained basis. We get it – Everyone has a living to earn, a life to get on with and other priorities to boot. One way around these practical realities would be to present information in a format and platform popular with audiences, in a manner that is easy to go through and engage with!

PPI is a bold, honest attempt at serving this need. We understand, our readers are busy and have other pressing demands on their time. Equally, we also understand that they have a need and desire to form opinions, share, learn, and ultimately be well-informed citizens of the societies we collectively inhabit. Similarly, there’s also the aspect of the young in India wanting to make a career in Policy for the opportunity it affords of making an impact – something we’re passionate about, enabling more and more people to grow and thrive in this larger space as professionals!

What we do

Every product of ours and all the work that we do is aimed at making Public Policy more engaging, accessible and raising awareness of Policy choices and their consequences more broadly. Equally important an area of focus for us in what we do is raising the levels of awareness about careers in Public Policy in India and putting together resources that can help the young in India to go about making their own careers in this field.

From soliciting and publishing significant contributions on pressing policy issues by researchers, entrepreneurs, public policy professionals, etc., to The Policy Gram delivered right to your Instagram feeds with timeless knowledge to help you become a more informed citizen. We also have our weekly newsletter, The Policy Post, which brings to you all our publications, top articles/Videos/Podcasts from the policy world, and a compilation of JobsIinternship opportunities in the field of Public Policy, Communications, and the Development Sector. All of this is delivered straight to your inbox every Friday evening. No spam, no-nonsense.

Our Youtube page is a space dedicated to a wide variety of Conversations and Video Podcasts on Jobs, Internships, Courses, Careers in Policy, and a whole lot more! We’ve launched it most recently, do check it out!

Help us keep the lights on!

We’re a small team at PPI, working hard to bring the best of public policy to our network of 25k + policy enthusiasts. The process of building PPI has been enriching, and the support we’ve received has only motivated us to work harder. All of us at PPI work full-time jobs to keep the lights on at PPI, and we’re happy to invest even more going ahead to bring you crisp and concise policy insights. Naturally, it requires a lot of investment in terms of time, effort, and, more than anything, money.

To continue to bring fresh policy insights to our readers, we need your support. If you believe in our mission to make public policy accessible and understandable to every Indian, you can support our journey by buying us a coffee, a book, a meal, or anything you think might benefit us. Here, you can contribute as little as Rs. 75 and help us sustain our work and grow it in the times to come so we can add even greater value to our audiences (a coffee costs way more than that, but you get the point)!

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