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Who are we?

Conceptualised and started by two young public policy professionals, Public Policy India (PPI) is a knowledge platform dedicated solely to the cause of Public Policy in India. An average Indian engages with Public Policy multiple times a day. From fretting over power cuts to meandering through potholed roads, from marvelling at instant money transfers on UPI to the lack of well-paying and productive jobs in the country, from hastily imposed lockdowns to overcrowded locals, each of these is a direct outcome of public policy.

Ours is a generation far more aware than any before. It is way more engaged with socio-political subjects, equally opinionated as well – an important trait of a healthy democracy and a functioning, free society. However, there exists a lack of critical understanding of some of these subjects that we engage with, subconsciously, on a sustained basis. PPI is a bold, honest attempt at bridging this critical gap, one which we believe ultimately impinges on the way our governments function, our societies are shaped and ultimately the lives that we lead.

From soliciting and publishing significant contributions on pressing policy issues by Members of Parliament, bureaucrats, politicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals etc., to The Policy Gram delivered right to your Instagram feeds with timeless knowledge to help you become a more informed citizen. We also have our weekly newsletter, The Policy Post, bringing to you all our publications, top stories from the policy world, and the best job/internship opportunities in the field of Public Policy, Communications and the Development Sector more broadly; delivered straight to your inbox every Friday evening. No spam, No-nonsense, Never.

Why we need your support

We're a really small team at PPI, working hard to bring the best of public policy to our network of 10k + policy enthusiasts. The process of building PPI has been exceptionally rewarding, and the support we’ve received has only motivated us to work harder. All of us at PPI work full-time jobs to keep the lights on at PPI and we're happy to invest even more going ahead to bring you crisp and concise policy insights. Naturally, it requires a lot of investment in terms of time, effort and more than anything, money.

To keep PPI going, we make regular investments for maintaining our website domain, paying our interns, buying professional design softwares, renting out server space for the website and the like.

PPI strives to be a platform of timeless knowledge that anyone can access at any time, without having to pay for it. For that, all of our content will continue to remain free, and never behind a paywall.

To continue to bring fresh policy insights to our readers, we need your support. If you believe in our mission to make public policy accessible and understandable to every Indian, you can join our journey by buying us a coffee, a book, a meal or anything you think might benefit us. By clicking the support button at the top of this page, you can pledge as little as Rs. 75 and help us sustain our work (a coffee costs way more than that, but you get the point).

It takes us a lot of time to scout the internet and bring the best jobs, internships, readings, courses and a lot more from the world of public policy to our community of 10k supporters. If you’d like to learn more about what we do and connect with us, head over to Public Policy India!