Buy Julian Pufler a pizza


Hey there! 👋

My name is Julian and I am a 19 year old full-stack dev and hobby web-designer from Vienna, Austria.

I am currently in my last year of school and because of the current situation we are all in, I suddenly have a lot more time to figure out how to spread awareness and help to stop this virus as good as I can.

So I started working on small projects that would help people either see what's going on or stay updated. The first project was a COVID19 Newsletter, my second project was COVID19 Detail, I then worked on COVID Overview.

Now I am a core-maintainer of the NovelCOVID API and I put most of my free time into the project since we are getting around 200 million requests a day.

If you like what I do, please consider buying me a PIZZA (I don't drink coffee)! 🎉