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first sai!

Jun 21, 2022

NOTE: Patreon is down right now, but this will be available there as well as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

and i'm only three days late! not too bad, i think.

sakura really likes studying with sai while he's drawing. it's nice for them both to just be able to sit in companionable silence and do their own things. usually sakura's the one to fall asleep, if anyone does, but every once in a while it's sai. he's a light sleeper, so it's almost impossible to snap a pic of it, but this time sakura got it! poor boy is exhausted

[ID: an image of Sai from Naruto. He is sleeping on a dark wood desk, his head on his right arm. His right hand and arm have charcoal smudges on them, and are red from holding a pencil and leaning on the desk for so long. His left arm also has some smudging and redness. He has dark bags under his eyes, and his hair is messy. He's wearing a black shirt with the sleeves bunched up above his elbows. The paper under him has pine trees drawn in charcoal on it. There are several balls of paper surrounding him, indicating multiple attempts to draw that he didn't like. To the far right are three drawing tools: a graphite pencil with a green exterior and white eraser, a charcoal stick, and a white blender. A red lamp hangs above him, spotlighting the paper and his hands. End ID]

[ID: the same image with an effect overlaid that makes it look like photo paper. End ID]

[ID: the same image a third time, with the film paper effect, and writing in marker. From left to right: in Sakura's pink reads, "He fell asleep" with a hand-drawn pleading face emoji. Beneath it, in Ino's purple, is "Aawww!". In Shikamaru's green, with an arrow pointing to the girls' writing, "Oh, so when he does it, it's cute. I see how it is." with a hand-drawn rolling eyes emoji. Beneath that, in Ino's purple, is "Shut up, lazy ass!" End ID]

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