I am going to bet that you do a lot of things over and over again? I know I do!

So, automate that stuff and get on with doing the things that matter. In this episode I talk about some of the tasks I do every time I publish a podcast episode, they rarely ever change. So I automated them and now when I publish a new episode, 11 tasks happen automatically including

  • Tweet the episode

  • Post on LinkedIN

  • Post to Instagram

  • Post to a Facebook page

  • Create an entry in a spreadsheet

  • Create a series of tasks in my task application for the services that I have to publish manually too.

  • Create a markdown file that I use to create my blog posts.

To name but a few.

I even tell you how I did it and the services (free at a basic level) I used to make all the magic happen.

So take 15 minutes to listen to this and get inspired to look for ways to automate the boring things and get on with doing what you were made to do ... create!

Leave comments below, I'd love to read your thoughts on the subject and tips to take this even further.