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Jan 27, 2023

Compile Swift Podcast (Ad Free) - Richard Zarth Developer and Mentor

Jan 17, 2023

UIBuzz Podcast - Game development update and Unity screens on devices

I released a new episode of the UIBuzz Podcast in which I discuss the latest changes and discoveries from my indie game I am working on.If you use Unity to create games for mobile devices and have had problems with screen resolutions, I think you will find it interesting.

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Dec 30, 2022

A Creators Journey - Season 9 Episode 1

Dec 29, 2022

Now with audio on Buy me a Coffee, Sweet!

It has been a little while since I checked in with Buy me a Coffee, since I rarely get any visitors, I have to admit that I had not checked in for a while.I am very excited to see that Podcasts by way of audio posts are now a thing on the platform. As a Podcaster (I have three Podcasts) this is very interesting to me, and possibly a better avenue open to more than just Apple and Spotify users for subscriptions.I am going to be experimenting with posting advert-free versions of my Podcasts here... more

Jul 31, 2022

Join the fun on my coding livestream

I am blessed to have a fantastic crowd hang out in the chatroom as we explore everything Swift, SwiftUI, and Apple development.Currently, I'm building a new project live on the stream. A SwiftUI-based iOS application for people to track job applications. I thought it would be helpful in these challenging times we are going through for all those looking for new or wanting to change jobs.Come and join us, it costs nothing, and if you want to learn Swift and SwiftUI, then it's a great... more


Jun 12, 2022

WWDC 22 here's a run down on the Key items
CompileSwift Podcast - Tips on maintaining a healthy codebase
CompileSwift Podcast - Users care about the experience, not technology
The Life Creative - Protecting memories and work from disaster
The Life Creative - What to do when you get sick as a Creator
The Life Creative - Watch for copyright flags
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