Jul 31, 2022

Join the fun on my coding livestream

I am blessed to have a fantastic crowd hang out in the chatroom as we explore everything Swift, SwiftUI, and Apple development.Currently, I'm building a new project live on the stream. A SwiftUI-based iOS application for people to track job applications. I thought it would be helpful in these challenging times we are going through for all those looking for new or wanting to change jobs.Come and join us, it costs nothing, and if you want to learn Swift and SwiftUI, then it's a great... more


Jun 12, 2022

WWDC 22 here's a run down on the Key items

Feb 09, 2022

Podcast - 3 Ways to improve your developer skills

CompileSwift Season 4 Episode 3I think that constantly looking to improve our skills is important, in this episode I offer 3 ways that I think are easy to do and get started with for anyone at any skill level.Please leave a review and show your... more

Jan 28, 2022

CompileSwift Podcast - I Didn't know!

Season 4 Episode 2Sometimes those silly little things cause the most grief when it comes to coding and creating apps. This is a story of one of those things. So grab a drink and let's sit back and talk it through.Please leave a review and show your... more


Jan 17, 2022

Podcast Episode - Swift community game details

Nov 13, 2021

CompileSwift Podcast - AppStore changes and listener recommendation

Season 3 Episode 17In this episode, catch up on the latest Apple AppStore changes and discover a very useful Swift package to make working with SFSymbols easier thanks to a listener recommendation.Leave a review or rating to say... more

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