CompileSwift Live Streaming

I am very happy to announce that my Swift development site CompileSwift will now be live streaming on so why not drop by and say hi and let’s learn some... more

May 05

TLC Podcast - As I get older, I want less gadgets around me. Some thoughts

Being at home for a year has given me way too much time to reflect on the technology I have around me. The results have been fascinating, especially when I add that getting older changes my viewpoint on some of these... more

May 01

Podcast - My thoughts on the new Apple podcast services

Apple announced a new service to podcast creators that will enable them to charge for premium content, or tipping depending on how you chose to use it. I have some thoughts on this and share them in this episode. It's a mixed bag in my opinion.So what do you think about this as podcast creators and... more

Apr 24

Podcast - Growing up unafraid as a developer in public

If you are a new developer or maybe on the shy and introverted side, you could well be intimidated by the thought of posting online. I'm here to tell you to go for it, there are plenty of positive places, people, and rewards from doing it. Listen on for a few suggestions on how to get started in the development communities and break free from whatever is holding you back.As mentioned in this... more

Apr 21

Podcast - Why short portfolios and resumes are acceptable

Anyone starting out or in other situations has encountered the problem of a short resume or portfolio. This is often seen as a disadvantage, but I think this is wrong. In this episode, I will explain why and how it should be viewed.I am far more interested in seeing portfolios and resumes as supporting material for a person than a way to shortlist people to talk to. Nothing replaces having a conversation with someone to understand the story behind the paper or PDF. It also helps when hiring to... more

Apr 15

Podcast - Give peoples work the time and respect it deserves

Creators work hard and passionately on their content. So give it the time and attention it deserves, don't just scroll through it in a matter of seconds. A few thoughts in this episode.You can subscribe to the podcast... more

Apr 07

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