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Hi! My name is Chris, and I reeeaaallly like powershell. It’s like having a giant toolbox with every tool you could imagine at your fingertips, and then you can create more tools with the tools you already have.

By day, I’m a systems admin for a medium size company in the Pacific Northwest.

By night, I’m a blogger, gamer, and all around general nerd.

I started to share some of the little tidbits of powershell I’ve picked up along the way during the last few years. In my years of learning powershell, nothing is more frustrating than having to troll through giant blog posts for the one nugget of information I’m looking for. So here, our posts will always be short, sweet, and right to the point.

Mostly, I just hope someone out there finds one of my blog posts, and gets that little nugget of help they had been searching for.