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Hellow and Welcome on our BuyMeACoffee Page.

We're a small team, (mostly) programming Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), which gets published on our GitHub profile. To be more precise: We write scripts, develop plugins, design themes and create cool applications, systems and websites for everyone.

Our main languages, we're using, are TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, PHP and Dart (using Flutter), but we don't avoid learning new ones if necessary! In terms of web development we love to use and work with WordPress, ClassicPress and Bludit (PHP) as well as and Django CMS (Python).

Thanks for your Support, we really appreciate it!

Stay 200,
The whole pytesNET Team

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Dirk bought 3 coffees.

Hi Sam, this is how OpenSource is fun, thank you for your enthusiasm you put into this project. It would be nice if you continue for a long time. I have already been able to realize some things with Bludit. Cheers coffee

Hi Dirk. Thanks, I really appreciate that. I will stay to and continue my projects on Bludit as long as possible :D. I’m glad that Bludit and my projects help you creating cool things.

@shripaldalal bought a coffee.

Hi, This component is exactly what we need. Could you make a multi column version if possible. Then it solves all our problems. We don't mind paying extra for this as well.

Thanks for your support! The upcoming version will contain a multi column view, which will be available as own plugin. But at the moment, I can’t say when the new version get released.

Tom Major
Tom Major bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the great support!

Thanks for your support and the coffees. I'm always glad to help.

somenxavier bought 4 coffees.

Finally some library (without jquery) that really works and it is maintained. Please update the docs and it would be perfect

Thanks for using my jQuery-less stuff and thanks for your coffees. :D Which library do you exactly mean? Would love to check the docs. (Write me at [email protected]) Thanks.