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I'm a partial fursuiter I like to bring love and laughter to people.❤️

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Hi everyone so i want to say thank you for all the support I've gotten from my followers  from my social media platforms you all are I am going to anthrocon on July 4th which is in Pittsburgh and I'll be there for four days. I'm currently tight on money because everything I have saved is going to anthrocon..(which took me way too long  to save up for ) .Im working part time and going to school for my GED and still trying to keep up on my platforms and my real's kinda difficult lol. After the tickets and the hotel an gas up there I'll have $30 left to my name ...not counting the food and drinks,gas back,and pocket money if something were to happen while up there on the trip. if you want to help towards this thank you❤️❤️ this is completely optional please don't feel the need to . For who ever that does donate I want to thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality ❤️