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Get invited to Qadence Beta. I'm inviting runners on a first-come, first-served basis. This approach ensures that I can answer to your feedback and provide excellent customer service as I build Qadence.

👋 Fellow runners

Do you remember Spotify Running? The Spotify feature that matched music perfectly to your cadence? Or, you could have Spotify play music in fixed BPM (Beats Per Minute) so that you can match your step to it?

Yeah, I remember it too.

It worked perfectly. Each beat in flawless sync with your steps. Each beat moving you forward. Each step boosting the music in your ears.

It was piece of magic.

But lo and behold, they retired the feature, leaving countless runners to find, tune, and adjust running music manually.

Judging by the forums [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], Spotify Running was probably the most liked feature in the history of Spotify. At least among the runners like myself and you.

As a runner, why should I care?

Syncronized running music is not only fun and motivating but it also helps to decrease risk of injury by naturally enforcing balanced step rate. Generally speaking: the higher the cadence, the lower the strain to your hips, knees, and ankle joints.

Cadence is highly individual though, affected by your physical qualities. Usually, 160 - 180 steps per minute is the recommended step rate range — especially if you have no clue where to start from.

Spotify Running was simply the perfect tool for runners to improve their running.

Quickly about me

I'm a software developer by day and a runner by night. So here I am, scratching my own itch. My goal is to bring back the experience of Spotify Running for every runner out there. The same piece of magic we once had.

But yo, there's already alternatives?

Sure. The Big Players. The apps that harvest your data: device info, location data, tracking ids, medical data, app usage data... It's extremely intrusive, and sickening.

Like, gimme a break. The dude just wants to play music based on his cadence. I realize that product development requires some level of analytics but where the hell do you need my grandma's social security number for?

I'm simply not alright with that.

My design fundamentals

I'm building Qadence based on two sacred fundamentals:

1. Your privacy comes first

I use tooling that respects your privacy. The Big Tech f*cks us from left and right already so we don't need another data sucker here.

You will also control every bit of your data. No matter who or where you are.

2. Inclusive & transparent development

I build Qadence out in the open. I expose myself to public critique, and it feels extremely scary. However, I think it's the only way forward. Building in the shadows doesn't serve anyone.

Request, and I'll respond. Comment, criticize, ask. I'm all in for feedback. Shape Qadence to your needs.

Here's a public roadmap for you to follow the product development.

Final words

My fellow runners, help me to help you to bring back the magic of Spotify Running. I'm in between two jobs, and would prefer working for you rather than working for them. Namely, your support would go to coffee*, food, server bills, and development tooling. There are memberships available but honestly, every cent moves the project forward.

Wishing you enjoyable runs,


Your personal running app developer

* Finns consume the most coffee in the world per capita so I have a national obligation to contribute to it.

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