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Hello 👋, my name is Harish Kumar, and I run Qirolab. I love coding 😍 and I also love to help and teach others how to code. This is why I created a YouTube channel where I create tutorials related to coding showing you how to build different Web Components, Web apps, and solutions for coding challenges.

I also love to work on open-source projects. My recent open-source projects are:

- Laravel Themer
- Laravel Reactions
- Laravel Bannable

Creating tutorials, and working on open-source is more enjoyable and peaceful. I want to be able to do that as much and as long as I possibly can. If you like what I do or if you ever made use of something I built or from my videos, consider supporting me. This will allow me to focus even more time on the tutorials and open-source projects I'm working on.

Thank you so much for helping me out! 🥰