As a parent that suffers from anxiety, I'll tell you firsthand it's difficult.

When you have a kid that's autistic and also suffers from anxiety, it's gets even more difficult to deal with everyday situations.

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 28yrs ago.

Been on and off meds the whole time.

At certain points in my life, I felt like I didn't need the meds because things really weren't stressful.

When I got custody of my son 10yrs ago, I made the mistake of not going back on meds right away.

I tried to cope and suppress the anxious feelings but that only lasts for so long.

When my son was diagnosed with autism I started also noticing little things he was doing to calm himself because of anxiety.

The rocking back and forth, chewing on his shirts, picking his lips etc.

At that point I decided the only way I could help him, was to first help myself and get back on meds.

So I did and began teaching son techniques to help keep him calm, like relaxed breathing,  asking for breaks when feeling anxious or overwhelmed when doing an activity.

Using sensory items to self soothe etc.

Another thing I learned is, my anxiety triggers son's and vice versa.

I have to be very mindful about how I Express myself when anxious because the wrong words or tone can and will set son off and things go downhill very fast.

It's a very tricky situation sometimes and it's no preparing for an anxiety attack.

Only having a toolbox full of helpful information to help deal.