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Your Golang-TDD-book helped me to develop healthy programming habits as well as a decent understanding of the programming language. Cheers!

Glad it helped!

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The content is priceless, thank you so much for that!

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Such an amazing collection of TDD practice, and Go fundamentals. This got me over the hump of testing more complicated aspects of my applications!

That's awesome! I do feel like once the penny drops around things like DI and stuff you legit have a super-power and you can test anything. Just remember though that testing _everything_ is not exactly the goal! :) 

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This book really helped me appreciate TDD further and got my into the habit of red, green, refactor. Such a great foundation as I continue to dive into Golang 👍 

Too kind Charles! Thank you so much for this and your write-up

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Didn't realize this was here until I saw your twit. I loved this book, it taught me go, and taught me to appreciate TDD more.

Really pleased to hear that! Thanks for your support