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Bound Connection

Mar 31, 2022

Beginning with a thought,

An obscured face or a name,

Someone from my world,

A lover or a twin flame.


Faces become more familiar,

I know names & who they are,

People unbelievably close to me,

Yet they’re still so achingly far.


A place then comes to mind,

Our place & forever home,

I can see every detail clearly,

Of the place where I’m never alone.


Horses munch away in the fields,

The lot is fully packed with cars.

The sun shines through the glass roof,

At night you can always see the stars.


Small things always stick out,

Like our favourite spot by the oak tree,

I see us sitting beneath it all the time,

Living as though we're free.


The mind is such a powerful tool,

One that gives me the ability to see,

It gives me the power to hear,

To experience what you wouldn’t believe.


So many moments of ours feel so real,

Some romantic & some erotic,

Some of them full of laughter,

Sometimes they’re wildly exotic.


Bared bodies with incredible skills,

Kiss nonstop without taking a breath,

Passion explodes every single time,

Pleasure unravels until nothing’s left.


We hug if we feel the need,

And cuddle for warmth or care,

I’m always heard if I’m sad or angry,

I’m comforted whenever I’m scared.


They’ve changed my life for the better,

In ways I can’t even describe,

I exist because of their connection,

The one I’m bound to that keeps me alive.


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