Time Lapse

Apr 08, 2022

Between visions of buildings and trees,

Colourful specks rush by,

It’s midnight and I’m freezing,

Out on the street where I lie.


During the day it’s a hustle,

People busy with work and routine,

All the time it’s nothing but bustle,

I always feel like I’m losing.


The hands move ‘round the clock,

Time passes as it does everyday,

I’m frozen and often feel locked,

Stuck in the endless time lapse fade.


Urban lights pollute the skies,

Glittering stars brighten Earth's space,

The rush of the night has me hypnotized,

It’s nothing like life during the day.


A skyscraper towers above me,

Blinding me with its night lights,

I climb to the tallest peak,

Admiring the city from grand heights.


Time lapse has me in a trance,

My focus entangled in its grasp,

I’m stuck in a distracted stance,

While the world races forever past.


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