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I'm Keith Mahony, the founder of Flat Spiral and creator of the upcoming PERCEPT, a new tactical-action game for 'Dreams' on PlayStation 5.

PERCEPT is the first game releasing under this new banner, but the future of this series isn't set in stone (and will likely move away from its current platform). Even having said that, I have committed to releasing the first entry on 'Dreams', even though this means I won't be able to produce any revenue.

Development of PERCEPT has been entirely self funded as a result, but I don't intend to adjust that strategy any time soon. I'm incredibly passionate about this project and have decided I will continue to work on it independently, after which time I will make it available for free to all owners of Dreams on PlayStation 5. Development will be relatively slow, as I continue to work on projects outside of games, but it will also be consistent, and I will provide reasonable roadmaps and schedules.

Why create a gamedev team now? Flat Spiral is designed to be a platform from which I can showcase my ability to design and direct a game's development. But that's not all. I want it to be a place for others to showcase their ability too, whether its directing a project like this, writing, voice acting, art, level design, audio design, engineering, or any other aspect of the process. Some interest has been shown in these postions already, but I'm still 'hiring' so to speak, so please reach out to me at [email protected], or at any of my primary social channels.

Why set up a crowd-funding page then? I wanted to provide a way for you to contribute financially to these project(s). I haven't 100% committed to a particular method or reward (and I'm open to feedback/suggestions on that), but this page has been set up to start that discussion, and I will iterate on this concept over time.

With all of that in mind, please consider supporting at any tier to help me allocate more time to development, and help cement the future of the series/team. If you aren't able to support financially, please consider sharing this page with someone who might be interested in joining the team.

Thanks for reading!

- Keith

Keith Mahony

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