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Scott @thescottkeene
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Ran by Mike, the quizzes are great, apart from some sneaky hard rounds (Rome WTF)! :-)

Brilliant, thanks so much Scott - glad you're enjoying the quizzes! 👍🧔🏻☠️

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Thank you - we're just hanging in there with lockdown. Helping pass the long days ❤️

Thank you so much - really glad you're enjoying the quiz and that it's helping dispel the weirdness of our modern times!  👍  

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Keeping a lot of us going, and the best way to get together and enter a weekend is by sharing a Quizbeard together on Facebook Live :) Genuine thanks, Sir.

Thanks Mike, sorry for the lapse over Dec & Jan, but now back with a vengeance!🏁 

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Thank you - your support is much appreciated! 👍☠️⚫️

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Keep up the good work Quizmaster Extraordinaire

Hey - thanks Helen!  Keep up the scribing, yoth!👍 📕