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Hello! Morgan Williams here. I created Quarantine Quiz during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown to try bring people together (virtually), and provide a bit of friendly competition in a fun, sometimes ridiculous format.

It's a live event which I stream through YouTube Live and teams answer on Google Forms. People chat throughout the quiz, giving each other shit and encouragement which is so cool to see! So far we've had teams from all across Aotearoa, from Australia, the UK, Wales and even Oregon. 

The record so far is 223 teams, and my ultimate goal is to have 1000 entered per quiz. Creating each quiz takes a lot of time and effort, I'm using gear that is all I have available to me and would love to obtain more robust equipment to ensure a high quality stream and more enjoyable experience. 

If you have a few bucks spare and enjoy the quiz, or even just love the concept I'd greatly appreciate your donation.

Thanks heaps

Morgan :)